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About our site

What is Oh My Dog Supplies? Not surprisingly, the business was started out of a mutual disdain for the junky stuff at the big pet store down the street (you know the ones we're talking about). Andrew & Eric were talking over a few beers at a conference, telling stories about the trouble their dogs have gotten into, when the topic of dog beds came up. Since the big stores only carry junk (since they cater to bargain shoppers) and the boutique pet stores are hard to find and never carry the right size or color (due to lack of floor space), they realized that there was a huge need among passionate dog owners to be able to find unique, high quality, finely crafted dog supplies that they'd never be able to find at the local pet store.

Launched in March of 2006, Oh My Dog Supplies was created specifically for the dog owner who wants cool stuff for their pet. Dog owners who don't want to buy the generic, shoddy dog gear that the mega-stores try to shove down their throats. Oh My Dog Supplies is so committed to only providing truly unique dog stuff, that they provide a "100% Uniqueness Guarantee" which states that if you buy something here, and you later see it being sold at Petco, PetSmart, or Wal-Mart, you'll get your money back plus an extra $100!

Meet the people behind Oh My Dog Supplies

Eric Shannon is the one in charge of marketing (bringing people to the site). He's got a dog named Hank that's part Lab, part Basenji, and is often mistaken for a hyena. Hank's favorite tricks include jumping over people, "you're toast" and "sexy pose." Before starting Oh My Dog Supplies, Eric was the Ecommerce Director for a large national cataloger.
Andrew Strauss is in charge of the operations. That means that he’s the one that searches the country looking for the most stylish and unique dog products out there. He also works continuously to enhance the site to make it the best & easiest possible experience out there. Previous to starting Oh My Dog Supplies, Andrew was a consultant to large and small ecommerce retailers since 1997 (the early days of the web). He’s the proud owner of three dogs – Lucy, Tejon, and Ricky – which were all rescued from the local shelter.

Oh My Dog Supplies would also like to thank Heather Kenyon (Customer Service Manager) and Kelly Marshall (Head Author). Profiles for both coming soon.



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